Welcome to John Hill Used Coach Sales & Services Ltd

Used Coach Sales from John Hill

With over 30 years of experience in the bus and coach industry, mainly in sales but having repaired and driven vehicles gives us a wide knowledge of the industry, we are here to help you dispose of vehicles through our wide network of operators who are constantly looking for vehicles to upgrade their fleet or for specific work they might have.

We will maximise the price for your vehicle while doing all of the work for you, getting the vehicles listed on our website, mailshots to our customers and dealing with the prospective buyers and negotiating on your behalf.


Require a vehicle for your fleet, can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we will search for the right vehicle for you too often we have to put a square peg into round hole, we will try our best to find the correct fit for the vehicle that you require.

Always part exchange?

Time to try something different John Hill Coach Sales and Services Ltd will become the dealers friend, if you know you are buying this year and are going to part exchange, think again! We will advertise and sell your potential part exchange vehicle for its correct value, you can go to the dealer then with no part exchange and negotiate the best deal possible, please do not be disillusioned NO DEALER really wants your part exchange so take the over allowance in your pocket instead of theirs by allowing us to sell your part exchange on your behalf.